Current Macarons


Café | Coffee

White chocolate ganache infused with freshly roasted Alchemy espresso beans, courtesy of Deeper Roots Coffee.


Caramel Salé | Salted Caramel Chocolate

House made caramel blended with our white chocolate ganache, precisely salted.

Chocolate aux Framboises | Black Raspberry

Dark Chocolate ganache with raspberry puree, a classic combination of chocolate and red fruit. Premium Valrhona Caraibe 66% dark chocolate. Rich chocolate flavor with a sweet raspberry aroma and flavor throughout.

Chocolat Noir | Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate ganache sweetened with a touch of honey and butter. Premium Valrhona Caraibe 66% dark chocolate (French Chocolate, Caribbean cacao pod origin).

Citron et Lavande | Lemon Lavender

White chocolate ganache infused with dried lavender flowers and blended with lemon puree. Floral flavor with a sweet lemon finish. 

Fraises au Chocolat | Chocolate Strawberry

Smooth premium Belgian milk chocolate ganache, with strawberry puree. The flavor of fresh, sweet strawberries with a smooth, rich chocolate finish.

Gâteau d'Annniversaire | Birthday Cake

White chocolate ganache with real butter extract. Filled with classic sprinkles and colorful nonpareils on top.

Noix de Coco | Coconut

White chocolate ganache made with pureed coconut and toasted coconut flakes. Smooth and sweet coconut flavor, with toasted coconut flakes on top.

Pistache | Pistachio

White chocolate ganache made with ground pistachio. Slightly salted, subtly tangy, smooth and sweet.

Macaron Saisonniers | Gingerbread

A white chocolate ganache spiced with molasses, ginger and cinnamon.

Thé Earl Grey | Earl Grey Tea

A great, bright, almost spiced fruit character. Earl Grey is a black tea spiced with Bergamot Orange oil, a great compliment to the white chocolate.

Macaron Saisonniers | Peppermint

A white chocolate ganache infused with fresh peppermint tea.

Vanille de Madagascar | Madagascar Vanilla

White chocolate ganache made with vanilla beans from Madagascar. Smooth, creamy, savory vanilla, rich and true vanilla flavor.

Macaron Saisonniers | Eggnog



A white chocolate ganache made with real eggnog, nutmeg and a generous pour of rum.

Velours Rouge | Red Velvet

White chocolate ganache with smooth cream cheese and a sour cream tang. American classic in a refined French form.