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The macaron may be notoriously difficult for the home baker, but now you can learn the secrets of this elusive cookie. Macaron Bar pastry chefs will demystify and demonstrate the art and science of macaron baking for you! We offer classes for bakers of all ages and skill levels.

Classes are offered at each of the following locations:

  • 1206 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • 340 West Chestnut Street, Louisville, Kentucky (in collaboration with Cooking at Millie's)

  • 425 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana

  • 6101 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

For a closer look at what goes on in our Intro to Macarons class, check out this blog post from Out + Outfit, and these reviews from Yelp Elite members.

For private classes please submit a request by clicking here (additional fees may apply).

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