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Macaron Pairing Events


We now offer four unique macaron pairing experiences to please your palate! Macarons pair well with just about anything, but we've selected some of our favorite foods and drinks to enjoy. Our current schedule includes macarons paired with sparkling wines, coffees, cheeses, or beer. A brief description for each pairing is below. Please select the type and date from the drop down menu to purchase your tickets.

Tickets begin at $40. Cincinnati pairings are offered in our OTR location (1206 Main Street). Louisville pairings are offered in our NuLu location (707 East Market Street). Indianapolis pairings are offered at our Mass Ave location (425 Massachusetts Avenue), and Pittsburgh pairings are offered at our East Liberty location (6101 Penn Avenue).

Champagne & Macarons: Join us for an evening of effervescent delight with sparkling wines from around the world, each perfectly paired with a French Macaron. We'll try four different sparkling wines and learn the unique history and production methods of each. All guests must be at least 21 years old to attend. 

Coffee & Macarons: We partner with our favorite local roasters to bring you this exclusive pairing. Travel the coffee belt and tase four coffees from across the continents, each paired with the perfect Macaron. Along the way we’ll learn about coffee cultivation, production, and brewing.

Cheese & Macarons: A match made in heaven, you’ll be surprised and delighted by how well the unique flavors of Macarons can bring out the nutty, tangy, and buttery notes of some of your favorite cheeses. Enjoy four exclusive cheeses from around the country from our favorite OTR cheese shop, The Rhined, each paired with a Macaron.

Rhinegeist & Macarons: Macaron Bar has teamed up with the local Cincinnati brewmasters at Rhinegeist for a one-of-a-kind experience. We will be pairing four Rhinegeist beers with our macarons, while also learning about the production, brewing, and ingredients of these excellent selections. Join us at Macaron Bar OTR for this pairing. All guests must be 21+ years old to attend.

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Macaron Pairing Events